Breath Awake - Friday August 10, from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

with Sam Bottner


Join us for a night of transformation and healing! Through expressive movement and holotropic breathwork, you are invited to reconnect with the primal wisdom of your body, release old patterns and pain, and create the space in your life to truly thrive. On this journey of active meditation, we will breathe our way to deep recesses of the soul and break through mental-emotional blocks, emerging entirely refreshed and alive. All are welcome! If you feel healthy and happy, breathwork can expand your awareness and consciousness. If you are in pain, breathwork helps you heal. “

WHAT TO BRING: water bottle – pillow and/or blanket – yoga mat – journal and pen – crystals/optional)

Sam Bottner is a registered yoga teacher, musician, gigong instructor, and breathwork facilitator. His passion is to empower others on their unique paths of spiritual healing and share new ways to deepen our connection to the Divine

Cost is $30 

Register here.