Introduction to Astrology Workshop - Sunday May 6 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

with Brian Allemana


Astrology is an ancient art of divination, giving us insights into events, timings, decisions and most of all, ourselves. It is a highly complex system of energetic relationship, using the planets as symbols for the essential components, or archetypes, of consciousness. As a tool of personal insight, astrology can uncover deeper meanings for life’s challenges and purposes for its gifts, as we reveal our place on the evolutionary path to wholeness.

In this workshop we will discuss the basics of astrology and look at the three primary symbols of individuality — The Sun, Moon and Ascendant. We will look at the charts of participants to see how these three symbols play out. If you would like your chart read, please have your birth date, birth time and location handy.

Brian Allemana has been practicing astrology under the name Soulrise Astrology since 2012. He began study in 2007 with Chicago astrologer Guy Spiro, continuing with the school of Evolutionary Astrology created by Jeffrey Wolf Green, and for the past two years has been under a mentorship with internationally renowned astrologer Alan Oken. Brian's primary focus is on personal healing, using astrology to help give meaning, validation and perspective to people seeking answers to life's complex challenges and gifts.

Cost is $20

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Yoga at the Winery - Sunday May 6, 11:00 am -  noon

with Regina Verdico


Kula and Broken Earth Winery are pairing together for a Wine and Yoga class!  Join Regina Verdico from Kula Yoga for fun time taking Yoga at the Broken Earth Winery in Long Grove,  Sunday May 6 at 11:00.  And enjoy a Free Mimosa after class!   Now that's a great way to end your Class!!    

Fee is $20

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