New to the studio?

Here are some tips to get you started!

1.  Be punctual.

Give yourself time to settle in before class begins. Arrive in the studio space at least 10-15 minutes before class to center yourself, stretch out and quiet your mind. If you are late (it happens!) please respect your fellow yogis by entering the space and setting up quietly. Please note that the studio doors will close five minutes after the class start-time.

2.  Don’t skip Savasana!  

Savasana is the most essential pose you will do in class! Allow your body and your mind to absorb all the benefits of your practice during this pose. If you must leave before Savasana, please inform the teacher prior to the start of class and please leave the studio quietly.

3.  Mind your person.

Your person is you. Be mindful of how you affect those around you. Yoga is a personal practice that is different for everyone and everyone’s needs are different. Please respect yourself and others by being aware of your personal hygiene, wearing yoga clothes, refraining from wearing perfume or cologne during class (people often have a sensitive sense of smell, and certain perfumes or colognes can cause headaches and nausea) and being polite in sharing your space with others.

4.  Quietly enter & exit the studio space & turn off your cell phone.

The studio is a sacred space and yoga is a time for people to quiet their minds and focus inward. Please respect yourself and your fellow yogis by remaining in silence once you enter the studio space. Feel free to chat, laugh and make lots of friends with the other yogis in the lobby, and reserve the studio space itself for the practice of silence and focusing inward. Keep your phone on silent, or turn it off. Let this be truly time for you to unplug.

5.  Remove your shoes before entering the studio.

You may wear socks or yogi socks in the studio, but bare feet allows you to feel your connection to the mat and work with a more integrated balance.

6.  Be kind to yourself & to others.

Yoga is not about competition. Yoga is about self-connection and self-healing. Listen to your body. If your body does not respond to a pose or if something hurts, take a different pose or ask your teacher for a modification. Know that you don’t need permission to take child’s pose or Savasana at any point during your practice. If you need to spend the entire class in child’s pose or Savasana, by all means, do it! Take care of yourself during class, and remember that yoga is a journey, you are exactly where you need to be.

7.  Stay in the moment.

Emotions often come up during practice, such as anger, sadness, joy, excitement, frustration.  You may find yourself laughing suddenly, or tears may come out of nowhere. This is completely normal. Don’t feel like you have to stifle these emotions or expressions of emotion. Welcome them and be with what you are feeling, and know that this is a part of the process and the practice of yoga. Know that you are in a safe place to feel everything you are feeling and you will not be judged, you will be supported.

8.  Respect your teacher.

While we encourage students to find their own expressions of poses and do what feels good for their bodies, please remember that your teacher put a lot of work into preparing a well-thought-out class for you and your fellow yogis. Please follow the teacher’s sequence as best you can, while still allowing yourself the freedom to explore different expressions of poses and take rest poses whenever you need or want to. But refrain from doing your own personal practice in a class setting. A home practice is just that – a practice you do at home.


9.  This is a yoga community.

Kula means “community of the heart.” We are more than a yoga studio that offers classes, we are a community of yogis who care about and support one another. Know that you are safe here and free of judgment. We accept all people from all walks of life, and we encourage our yoga students to do the same. Please be mindful of the language you use – what may seem like a joke to you could be offensive to another.

10.  Have fun!

Remember that, in the end, it’s just yoga, and it’s all good.

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