Kula Yoga Class Descriptions


Kula Beginners Yoga:  

This class will focus on basic yoga postures with the use of props.  Learn how to “feel” your way through each pose as well as the proper alignment for your body.  The teacher will guide you through a simple yet effective sequence that will enable you to explore these postures and build a foundation for a steady yoga practice.  A perfect class for people who have never set foot in a yoga class as well as seasoned practitioners looking to brush up on the basics.

Kula Flow Yoga 1:  

A moderately paced class perfect for beginners and intermediate yogis.  Kula Flow Yoga 1 is a heart-opening class with a focus on basic spinal extension and flexion in addition to standing and seated postures.  The class includes a combination of Vinyasa Flow (connecting movement with breath) and still postures to open up your body and quiet your mind.  This class builds the foundation for Kula Flow Yoga 2.

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Kula Flow Yoga 2:  


This class includes all the components of Kula Flow Yoga 1, with more advanced poses, creative sequencing and unique, fun transitions.  The class will focus on heart-opening back-bends, moderate to fast paced Vinyasa Flow and sequences working towards challenging poses.  This class will increase your flexibility, calm your thoughts, increase your focus, and build strength in body and mind.  All are welcome, but recommended for those with an already established practice.

Kula Detox Flow:  

A heated class designed to rid the body of toxins, increase blood flow, maximize cardiovascular strength, and encourage weight loss.   The class focuses on flow sequences, heart-opening back-bends and detoxifying twists.  Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, increase endurance, strengthen mental focus or detox your body and mind, this class is perfect for you!

Slow Flow Yoga:  


A slower-paced Vinyasa Flow class designed to open your body and encourage your body and mind to restore, relax and rejuvenate.  The class will explore basic, slower Vinyasa Flow sequences as well as poses designed to create space in the body and peace in the mind.  Appropriate for all levels.

Sun Salutations 101:  

Curious about what it means to flow in Yoga?  Love doing Sun Salutations but want to increase your knowledge?  Sun Salutations 101 is perfect for you!  This class will focus on breaking down basic Sun Salutations A, B & C so each posture is performed in alignment.  You will master how to link your breath with movement, and you will learn different variations of Sun Salutations that you can incorporate into other classes or your home practice.

Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation:  


Harness the power of your mind in this calming yet focused practice.  Learn what it means to be mindful both in your yoga practice and in your life.  Discover yoga postures designed to calm your central nervous system and strengthen your body, as well as meditation techniques that will help you master your thoughts, relieve stress and worry, and lead you to overall peace and happiness.

Gentle Yin Yoga:  

Yin Yoga focuses on quieting the mind, tuning into one’s self and practicing poses that lengthen muscles and tendons.  This truly healing practice will focus on inactive, long holds of up to five minutes or more, and will help you find complete stillness in an overly active world.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga:  


Restore your body and refresh your mind with this calming, soothing practice.  Done by candlelight to soothing music, restorative yoga uses props to assist the body into deeper realms of relaxation.  Whether you are looking to escape from a busy life for a bit or searching for ways to help you rest/sleep better, this class is perfect for offering your body and mind complete and total relaxation.

*Not all classes are offered at all times.