Flow + Flourish, Restore + Renew: A Holiday Yoga + Aromatherapy Workshop - Saturday Dec 9, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

with Sarah Antrim and Sarah Longfield

Join Sarah Antrim + Sarah Longfield for a holiday special workshop!  The holidays are often a time when our cups are so full that there is little time for ourselves. Yoga & aromatherapy can be a powerful catalyst for emptying our cup to make room to receive. This workshop offers both a dynamic upbeat flow and gentle restorative yoga, combined with seasonal essential oils to make room to receive the many gifts of the season, including self-care and compassion.

$25 with pre-registration, $30 day of 

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                  Vibrate the Cosmos Sunday Dec 10, 1:00 - 3:00 pm


with Erica Cybulski

Make this your best Sunday ever! Come to the mat and explore your own vibrations and become your most relaxed self. First, we will tune in and set an intention through a mantra meditation. Then we will move through a series of restorative postures and finish with a yoga nidra practice.

Mantra: Did you know that your energetic vibration has the power to harm or heal? In our often overwhelming world, stress changes and lowers our vibrations, bringing us further away from our true selves. In this practice, we will use our voices to raise our vibrations and strengthen our energetic bodies.

Yoga Nidra: An ancient meditative practice, often referred to as a “super nap” (just 45 minutes of this conscious relaxation feels as amazing as 8 hours of deep sleep!) You will be guided through a body scan and slip into conscious relaxation that will transform your stress into healing energy. You will be gently awakened and invited to reflect on your journey as we sip a grounding cup of tea.

Please bring a journal, pen, or drawing materials as well as anything you need to be comfortable lying down for 45-60 minutes. As always, Kula Yoga Studio’s supplies are available for your use (bolsters, blankets, eye pillows), however some people prefer their own blanket or a small pillow.

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Children's Yoga Workshop Saturday Feb 3, 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

with Amy Menconi and Betsi Lasko

Today we contend with living in a stressful fast paced world. Using yoga techniques can empower us with the tools to handle stress, emotions, anxiety and can provide the opportunity to cultivate self-awareness, confidence, and calm in a busy world. The practice of yoga teaches mindfulness- this is the ability to immerse oneself completely in the moment without being distracted.  Workshop participants will be guided by the teachers to move mindfully and to think about different postures and breathing techniques.


Amy Menconi and Betsie Lasko are certified yoga instructors. Workshop participants will be guided by the teachers to move mindfully and to think about different postures and breathing techniques.

Amy studied Community Health at Northeastern University and Betsie is a retired elementary school teacher. Our goal is to help students become more calm and focused. The two of them connected at Kula Yoga Lifestyle expanding our community! Together they will guide you/your child through meaningful yoga techniques and poses via a Valentine’s Day inspired workshop for mindful beings, being mindful.

Adult participants are invited to attend with their child $20 Class fee for first child if pre-registered, $25 fee at the door. $5 for each adult participant, $5 for each additional child.

Please dress in comfortable clothes that allow for movement.

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